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 Experience magic.

Enjoy well-being.

Celebrate your spirit. 


If you’re like me, you’ve discovered that even though you love achieving goals, getting things done, and accomplishment, you have a sensitive nature. Your body responds to stress with physical symptoms or tension. It can get frustrating because your body and being seem to betray your goals. 

You don’t always feel like you fit in with the rest of the world. You sense emotions and energy. You enjoy connecting with your intuition, even if it isn’t always easy to hear it.

You and I love being aligned with our spirits and the idea of creating more magic in our lives.

We innately want to operate in a different way than those around us.

We feel a subtle longing to flow with our divine inner wisdom. To slow down; to make space for our Sacred Spirit.

We want MAGIC. Soul. Delight. 

Yet, we've been taught to override our body wisdom and push, push, push ourselves. Isn’t that the way to get things done? It's scary to consider letting ourselves trust the magic.   

This push for more, faster, and better breaks down our bodies and our spirits. We learn to be hard on ourselves above all else. We don't learn to hear and trust our inner wisdom. We lose the magic. 

Getting out of this cycle and the cultural programming means living in a way that doesn’t necessarily jive with everyone you know.

You might be afraid of getting off the life treadmill because others may judge you.
Or maybe you’re worried you won’t get things done (or done well enough) if you really stop pushing yourself.

And what would happen if you surrendered to all the spiritual, magical, delightful ways calling to you? 

It can feel scary to step out of the cultural norm and stop living the pushing, pressuring lifestyle and step into the your mystical, feminine power. 

Yet, you want your body to experience well-being and your spirit to feel free. You can sense the magic waiting for you. 

The Mind-Body Magic Community is for you if you want to:

  • use mind-body-spirit tools for daily life, physical and emotional well-being, stress-relief, and spiritual connection.
  • hear your inner wisdom and trust it.
  • experience more magic and manifestation.
  • work in a way that gives you space and time for joy and health but still creates success. 
  • support and guidance to live in the magic and stay out of the pushing and pressuring.

It’s darn hard to step out of culture and live this way without support. It can feel radical and the mind slips easily back into “but you should be working harder, faster, better….”

That's why I've created the Mind-Body Magic Community. Step into a NEW culture full of support, guidance, and magic.


Live in the Magic!

Experience a new cultural message every day; one that promotes a more intuitive, in-the-flow way of being.


The Mind-Body Magic Community is your place to live in the magic.

There is a different way to be, and it's MORE FUN.

You hear your intuitive inner wisdom, trust it, follow it, and let flow guide you daily.

You use mind-body magic tools that help your mind, body, and spirit work together. You can also get support with working through TMS/Mind-Body Syndrome, and stress-related health issues in our coaching calls.

You discover a softer, gentler, kinder way of being with yourself that actually helps you access your inner badass feminine magic.

You learn to trust and believe that living in a different, kinder, gentler, more intuitive way is really going to help your mind, body, and spirit. 

You still get stuff done. You still achieve goals. In fact, you get more done with better results...without torturing and pushing yourself. Your body thanks you!

And, you manifest like crazy when you live in alignment with your mind-body-spirit connection. You are living in the magic that delights your soul.

The Mind-Body Magic Community is not a course. Rather, it’s a true community. The purpose of the monthly membership is to give you focused support each month on your mind-body healing journey to having more energy, feeling better in your body, and living more magically.

The Mind-Body Magic Community centers around:

  • Group Coaching Calls,
  • a Facebook Group,
  • a Membership Website with a Magical Learning Center where you get my two most important mind-body magic tools for well-being,
  • and monthly Magical Events.

Stay as long as you like or cancel anytime. The quarterly investment of $141 gives you access to the calls, the group, and the private membership area for three months at a time.

You also get access to my Slacker Magic Course, an in-depth study into my SLACK Process for well-being, while you're a member. This course includes 5 modules of video training from me around how to release self-pressure, stop being hard on yourself, and experience more delight and magic! 

Your 3-month membership will give you the time you need to really experience the Slacker Magic Course and get any questions answered on the coaching calls. This means you'll get results! You'll feel better emotionally, release stress, and feel better in your body. 


"The Mind-Body Magic Community' is a kind and warm space where you can learn to connect with your body, be with your emotions, learn to let go of the old stories and open up to your inner wisdom so you can support yourself in the daily fulfillment of your highest purpose. Abigail is a wise, wonderful, and generous coach who possesses and uses an alchemy of energetic, intuitive, and intellectual smarts coupled with kindness and positivity that's genuine. The Mind-Body Magic community feels like a real community rather than just another Facebook group that you're part of. I feel the community and working with Abigail as a coach is truly a gift in my life"

Deborah Chalk
Mind-Body Life Coach

"I’m thrilled to be a member of the mind-body magic community, and I highly recommend it! Abigail is the real deal! Inside this group, you’ll find that she brings a beautiful and powerful blend of science, knowledge, experience, compassion, and a true ability to help reduce pain and suffering."

Becky Meinschein
Master Endorsed Mind-Body Coach

Monthly Magical Festivities
in the Mind-Body Magic Community

What we do in the community:

  • Group Coaching Calls with me where I use mind-body spirit tools to help you with mind-body healing, TMS/Mind-Body Syndrome and stressed based illness relief, finding or increasing your magic, hearing your inner wisdom, balancing achievement with spaciousness for your spirit, and more…
  • Manifesting Calls to help you create magical energy for any dreams or goals; let's make them real!
  • Monthly Magic Day: The assignment and focus changes monthly and we leverage the community to create inspiration and forward movement.
  • Guided meditations that support your mind-body-spirit connection.
  • Angel and Oracle Card readings.
  • Energy healing to remove energy blocks, help your body feel great, release emotional stress, and connect to your spirit.
  • Use two of my most powerful mind-body-spirit tools from my Anamsong Method: The KIND Process and The SLACK Process.
  • Experience connection with like-minded souls who are also on a mind-body healing path. 
  • Enjoy a place to be yourself, feel your feelings, share your spirit, and get mind-body guidance and support.

Your Magical Learning Center and Monthly Events

The Mind-Body-Spirt Tool Area

In the Magical Learning Center, you'll find videos and written material to help you learn how to use the KIND Process and the SLACK Process. These are two powerful tools in the Anamsong MethodTM, my unique mind-body-spirit toolkit. 

You'll apply these processes to your daily life as you choose, learning at your own pace. Whenever you need help, you can join in one of the live coaching calls with me for support. 

The KIND Process is my number one tool for helping clients improve their physical and emotional well-being. It also opens you up to hearing more inner wisdom and experiencing more magic!

The SLACK Process teaches you how to stop being hard on yourself and access the magical energy that's always guiding us. It's my manifesting secret. It's also super powerful for speeding up healing in the body.


Monthly Schedule

Each month, you'll have a mind-body magic topic and two calls with me. Some months may include two coaching calls. Or, we might have a coaching call and a manifestation call. 

You'll also have ongoing magical fun like angel and oracle card readings on calls or in the Facebook Group, guided meditations scheduled live or pre-recorded for you, and Magic Day.

We'll have mystical book discussions and spiritual chats both in our calls and in the Facebook Group. (I have four shelves of mystical, magical books. Lots of them around Celtic spirituality. We won't run out of options.)

Basically, we'll play together all month!


Group Coaching and Manifesting Calls

For calls, you’ll join in via Zoom, a video conferencing service for 60-90 minutes of coaching and magic. Calls are always recorded so you can listen if you miss them. 

Group coaching calls are where the magic happens. Anytime one person is coached, nuggets of wisdom and insight land for all of us, me included! The synergy of the group all focused on connecting to inner wisdom and spirit (rather than pushing ourselves and being hard on ourselves) creates massive shifts and insights. 

The coaching calls are where we really shift thinking patterns you’ve been taught, like self-judgment, being hard on yourself, self-blame, pushing yourself, perfectionism, and self-pressure.

We all know it's not exactly helpful to be hard on ourselves, but how do you really make the shift to a new way of being with yourself? All of these ways of thinking actually block the magic and make it hard to hear our inner wisdom. Whether you get coached or you hear someone else get coached, you’ll get a myriad of ideas and support and new ways of working with your mind, body, and spirit. 

Often, it’s hard to shift ingrained thinking patterns without a supportive culture around the new way of being. That’s because we’re social beings! The coaching calls and the Facebook Group are this new supportive culture for you. 

I’ll be using mind-body-spirit coaching tools with participants during the calls, and I’ll also be using energy healing techniques that support physical and emotional well-being. (Note: You won’t learn how to use the tools on others; this is meant to be a place for you to get support for you. Mind-Body Magic Coach Training is the place to learn all the tools for your coaching practice or personal growth.)

Manifesting Calls are like a magic party! We get together and use the power of the community to bring massive energy toward your dreams and visions. Get ready to play! Then, watch reality match your dreams.

The Facebook Group

The Facebook Group is the hub of your new cultural support system. It’s your place to reach out and ask for support from other members, connect with me and my staff, and share insights or stories. 

It’s the community within the community! This is where the deeper, subtler layers of magic take place. You might have a tough day, reach out to fellow members, and find yourself making huge shifts that turn everything around. This is where the nitty gritty practice you’re doing gets shared, tweaked, and supported on a daily basis. 

This is where you get to practice showing up differently, with self-kindness and not self-judgment. You get to practice being less hard on yourself and more open to a gentle magic. You get to practice achieving goals without pushing yourself past your limits. 

This is also where I'll pop in and share thoughts and tidbits to support your journey.


Monthly Mind-Body Magic Topics

Each month, we'll focus on a specific mind-body magic topic to help you apply the KIND and SLACK Processes to specific issues. You’ll learn new ideas, get reminders around practices that help you align mind, body, and spirit, and get inspired!

You’ll find everything in your membership area along with videos, articles, call-in details, the link to the Facebook Group, and call recordings. The membership area is easy to navigate, calm, and not overwhelming. As soon as you register, you'll get an email that gives you access to the community. 


$171 for 3 months, invoiced quarterly (only $67/month!)


Or, commit to a year of mind-body magic and save with the yearly plan for $600


The Mind-Body Magic Community is a spiritual community. It’s a place to openly connect with your spirit, get support in doing so, be out loud about your love of magic and spirit, and share emotions that need processing in order to feel closer to spirit. 

You’ll get to feel heard, seen, and celebrated for the aspects of your being that normal culture doesn’t acknowledge. 

It’s a place where you get to live in a new culture that actually supports the real you. 

Let's make magic together. 

About Abigail

Abigail Morgan is the founder of Mind-Body Magic Coach Training and The Slacker Magic Course. She is a master mind-body coach and mentor.

She has helped hundreds of people find wellness through mind-body-spirit healing. The mind-body-spirit tools she created have helped her clients through all kinds of difficult struggles, including healing from TMS/Mind-Body Syndrome.

She has helped hundreds of clients navigate terrible times. The path to spirit is always the one that brings the most peace and presence. The mind-body-spirit tools in her Anamsong Method™ are designed to help you find that path.

Find the support you crave for your mind, body, and spirit.

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$171 for 3 months, invoiced quarterly (only $67/month!)



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