Mind Body & Business Magic

A six-month group coaching program for manifesting well-being and magical business growth without running yourself ragged.

Say no more - I'm in!

Mind Body & Business Magic

(without the hustle)

A six-month group coaching program for manifesting well-being and magical business growth without running yourself ragged.

Say no more - I'm in!
Do you want to grow your online business so you can work with an ever-growing group of fantastic clients, fulfill your calling, make an impact, and bring in even more delightful income - but not in a way that wears your body down? 

Sure, you can brute force it with the best of ‘em. You can push through and get sh&t done. Except, it’s soul-crushing when you do and it harms your body, so you don’t want to work that way

Besides, it’s not any fun, and you want to feel lit up about your coaching business.

You want it to feel magical: Exciting synchronicities. Clients showing up out of the blue. Inspired ideas. Flow. Income coming in while you nap.

Let’s be honest; you’re really good at pressuring yourself and sometimes (or a lot of the time) you can be hard on yourself and a wee bit of a perfectionist. 😉

We’ve all been taught that the path to success is hard work and lots of it. And you’re good at hard work. You might feel like the only way you’re really going to grow your business and create the impact you want is to push and grind and add more elbow grease. Yet, even when you do that, it doesn’t always work and simply leads to feeling crappy.

Or, you might have what I call a Magical Body that’s been through a lot, experienced trauma, and is super sensitive to stress - meaning you get stress-related illnesses at the drop of a hat or even have a chronic syndrome.

I get it. (Boy, do I ever!)

Let’s be honest; you’re really good at pressuring yourself and sometimes (or a lot of the time) you can be hard on yourself and a wee bit of a perfectionist. 😉

We’ve all been taught that the path to success is hard work and lots of it. And you’re good at hard work. You might feel like the only way you’re really going to grow your business and create the impact you want is to push and grind and add more elbow grease. Yet, even when you do that, it doesn’t always work and simply leads to feeling crappy.

Or, you might have what I call a Magical Body that’s been through a lot, experienced trauma, and is super sensitive to stress - meaning you get stress-related illnesses at the drop of a hat or even have a chronic syndrome.

I get it. (Boy, do I ever!)

I ran smack into this issue right with my business after my daughter was born. I have a Magical Body, and it was collapsing. I had to have a repair surgery, my thyroid stopped functioning, and I’d lost too much blood. I was a ghostly gray color for six full months. 

However, my business was the income our family was relying on, so I dragged my ghostly self to the computer every day, nursing a baby at the same time and pushing myself hard. 

To be honest, I’d pushed myself equally hard throughout my pregnancy because I was scared I wouldn’t have enough income for maternity leave. By the time my daughter was born, I felt like the walking dead. 

I have a looooong history of pushing myself hard and then my body collapsing. It was really the only way I knew how to work. (I majored in violin in college, and we violinists are well-known for being intensely perfectionistic and super hard on ourselves, LOL).

However, after my girl was born, I realized it was super ironic to be coaching my clients around mind-body healing and well-being (my niche at the time) when I was barely alive myself. I really needed to figure out how to have the space and time to care for me and my girl while still running a thriving business. 

This is when my eureka moment happened. It hit me that I HAD to put my well-being first, and I had to use my mind-body healing tools on myself above all else. I had created a method, the Mind-Body Magic Method, to heal from chronic pain in my twenties, and now, a decade later, I needed to double down on it. Even if it seemed wrong to step away from the push, the grind, and the hustle, I had to do it. 

I had to figure out exactly how I could take care of my business while also taking care of me, or there simply wasn’t going to be a me anymore!

This is why I created an entirely different way of working - it wasn’t hustling, it wasn’t pushing, it wasn’t forcing myself to work into the wee hours of the night

Instead, it was all about creating the environment within myself and my business for both manifesting and magic to step in and accelerate all the practical aspects of running a business. 

This is how my Slacker Magic System for growing my business without the hustle was born. 

I’m eleven years into this now, running a six-figure business, single parenting, taking care of my health, and using the Slacker Magic System and my mind-body healing practices to grow my business magically year after year while creating physical, emotional, and mental well-being at the same time.

I feel better now than I did as a young twenty-year-old who was pushing herself all the time, in chronic pain, and constantly anxious. 

I get to feel inspired, creative, successful, healthy, and energized with all of this magic at my back. 

I want all of this for you, too, and I know you can have it.

You don’t have to sacrifice your soul or your body to have the business that lights you up, the impact you want, the clients you love, and income you desire!

Instead, you can work with manifesting, magic, and mind-body-spirit alignment to attract clients to your business. 

You can work in a way that is energetically aligned instead of full of elbow grease. 

You can use the power of manifesting and magic to make every practical action step you take more effective and much easier.

You can create compelling messaging that attracts clients while you sleep.

You can feel confident and clear in your calling (AKA niche) and feel inspired to step into your office every day. 

You can create a signature program that feels exciting, doable, and fun and gets results for your clients, driving more income into your business. 

You can set up your work days so that taking the time to rest, do things you love, and take care of yourself actually improves your business. (Hint: You’re actually getting a TON of work done in the background when you do these things, and you can capitalize on that.)

This means that any practical action steps you do take will be far more likely to pay off and to be doable. 

You’ve been expending energy in all sorts of ways inside your business or trying to get it going that may not have really moved the needle, and that sort of effort can really deplete your system.

This is because most online business programs and advice don’t really address Magical Bodies or running your body ragged. It’s all about business growth. 

Sure, some people are working with manifesting practices, but there are important pieces missing - the mind-body-spirit pieces that help our bodies actually feel better while we make business magic happen. 

We can’t separate our bodies from our business. People like you and me need a different way of growing our businesses - the old-school, hustle-style stuff just really doesn’t work for us!

You get to feel better in your body and have a thriving business.
Let's do this!

I’ve never taken a business program that didn’t make my soul cringe and my stress levels skyrocket. 

I’ve always had to pick out the strategies I wanted to use and ditch all the stress-inducing messages, systems, and plans that didn’t work for me. 

Then I’d have to cobble those strategies together in my own, mind-body-spirit fashion.

After a while, it became a fun challenge, though I did have to plug my ears and sing “la, la, la” so as not to stress myself out or fall back into believing I had to work in that body-wrecking way. 

That’s exactly why I decided to create my own business program, for you, that brings all the strategies that are foundational to business growth together with the mind-body-spirit awareness and alignment that allows you to be who you are, take amazing care of yourself, and thrive - all while making magic happen in your business. 


Mind Body & Business Magic
A six-month group coaching program for manifesting well-being and magical business growth without running yourself ragged.

Inside this program, you’ll get the support you need to use magic instead of elbow grease to grow your business, and you’ll get the mind-body techniques you need to support your physical well-being and mental outlook every day, alongside your business growth. 


You'll learn:

How to set up each day to work with ease and flow instead of effort

• • •

How to talk about your work in a compelling, magnetic way that creates manifesting energy and attracts clients as if by magic

• • •

How to get your most inspired ideas ever and how to act on them without running your body down

• • •

How to hear and trust your inner wisdom so that all business strategies and action steps feel aligned with your spirit instead of stressful or out of alignment 

• • •

How to use mind-body healing techniques to reduce stress, help your body function optimally, feel better in general, and even release stress-induced pain (sometimes called TMS/MBS) or illness

• • •

How to run a thriving business and still take amazing care of your Magical Body (and how you can show up for your clients and not tax your body further)

• • •

How to work with your nervous system to reduce the impact of stress and taking business steps that feel a bit challenging or scary (that you’re doing because you know they’ll help you grow) 

• • •

How to set up the practical side of your business so that it increases the magic and feels really doable to grow consistently and reach the income level you want

• • •

How to create incredibly compelling messaging so that every piece of content you create is magnetic and attractive to your potential clients, compelling them to want to learn more

• • •

How to set up all your content so that it does the heavy lifting for you and makes marketing feel uber-doable and even magical

• • •

How to set up your entire business to be a client-attracting machine that also allows you more time away from your business

• • •

How to design and test-market a signature program that feels fun, doable, and exciting to deliver and creates powerful results for your clients (this doesn’t have to be a huge program - it can be super simple and easy to create)

• • •

How to get your program launched into the world so it can be the engine that runs your business and releases you from the 1-1 schedule and income ceiling

Are you ready?
This program is unique.

You won't just learn how to do things. Instead, my team and I will be in your business with you, working alongside you.

We’ll ask you to submit collaborative Google Doc workbooks where we actually review, edit, and give feedback on all the content and program design elements of your business as you work through them. We’ll even write your compelling core message for you so that you can be sure it’s compelling, will create income, and is aligned with your true calling. 

In the live classes, we’ll workshop on the spot with you, helping you actually do each step of the process in a supported way, not just all alone at your desk. We’ll do mind-body techniques live on the calls with you so you can truly experience the relief of soothing your nervous system and the delight of accessing your inner wisdom. 

And, the most unique aspect of the program is that you’ll get access to my intuitive Celtic Seer visioning gift. This is my intuitive gift that I use with my clients all the time to make it easy for my clients to access the magic. I can see your money-making path, your calling, and your next steps with a clarity that wipes out any confusion or uncertainty.

You’ll feel it when we do it! The alignment that happens gives you that goosebumps, make-you-cry moment of certainty that tells you you’ve landed in clarity. 

You’ll be able to ask the seer for clarity on your well-being, your business steps, and most importantly - your messaging. 

Here’s how it works:

This is a 6-month program, and it’s broken down into six phases, one per month. In each phase, you’ll complete a practical step for your business (with all the feedback and help from me and my team). 

You’ll also learn specific energetic alignment practices from my Slacker Magic System to amp up your manifesting, create business magic, and work without the hustle while still growing your income. 

Finally, you’ll learn mind-body healing practices from my Mind-Body Magic Method to improve your physical well-being and help you hear your inner wisdom with clarity. (If you suffer from TMS/MBS or stress-based illness, you can learn how to regain your physical well-being.)

Clarifying Your Niche and Message to Attract Clients with Ease

  • Clarify your niche and calling to make sure it’s aligned to make money and truly feels inspiring to you (if you already know it, great!)
  • Get clear on what problems you solve and what outcomes you provide for your clients 
  • Get your core message written for you by me and my team so that you’ll know exactly how to write compelling content for the rest of your business life and will have all the core ideas and components of your messaging and content at your fingertips
  • Get the kind of alignment with your core messaging that attracts clients as if by magic
  • Learn how to take more time away from your business and get more done (AKA the magic part) via the Slacker Magic System 
  • Learn how to help your body feel safe and relaxed (and even release pain or illness) as you move forward with your business through the Mind-Body Magic Method
  • Get my fear-busting tool that makes fear your spiritual advisor instead of your foe

Developing Your Signature Program so People are Falling Over Themselves to Join 

  • Design or uplevel your signature program with me and my team; we’ll brainstorm together in class and give you feedback and ideas collaboratively in your workbook
  • Set up your program so you’re working less, creating the outcomes you want, and everything feels exciting and fun to implement (your program can be simple and easy to develop instead of complex and hard)
  • Find out what your unique coaching framework is so that you can turn it into a clear method for your clients and your program 
  • Learn how to take action that’s in alignment with your energy and in flow instead of effort so you can manifest quickly and get your work done in minutes instead of hours via the Slacker Magic System
  • Learn how to handle emotions without overwhelm so that your body can release them and release triggers, and you can experience pain and stress relief as well as increased confidence in your ability to run your thriving business without overloading your body (MBMM)

Writing your Magnetic Signature Program Sales Page

  • Use my template to write your program sales page and get feedback from me and my team to make it clear and compelling 
  • Start actually building your signature program and creating all the components so it feels doable to run and powerful for your clients
  • Learn how to get support for your business from your angels and other divine helpers
  • Support your natural creative rhythms so you’re not stressing your body and mind while still getting everything done via the Slacker Magic System
  • Learn how to work with your mind and create physiological changes in your brain to improve your manifesting, dial down stress, and have more access to your inner wisdom via the Mind-Body Magic Method

Preparing your Beta Launch

  • Design a test launch (beta launch) of your program so that you can gather experience, testimonials, and confidence that your outcomes and results are clear while already making money from your program
  • Finish building your program so that it’s ready to test with a few early adopters
  • Learn how to feel safe being seen on social media so you can use it to your best advantage while still taking care of your nervous system 
  • Release fears about marketing and turn it into a simple, fun activity with the Slacker Magic System 
  • Learn how to deepen your connection to your inner wisdom, hear it more clearly, and trust it regularly so that you can count on it when the chips are down via the Mind-Body Magic Method

Running Your Beta Launch and Designing Your Opt-In 

  • Run your beta launch with the support of Abigail and Team to answer questions as you step into the promotion process and the  live program with your new participants
  • Start designing your opt-in for future promotions of your program and list-building so you can attract a bigger audience to your work
  • Learn how to completely redefine success to keep your mindset in the manifesting sweet spot with the Slacker Magic System as you enroll participants into your program
  • Learn how to work with your nervous system to release old fear patterns, heal the disconnect between mind and body even further, and approach your body in a trauma-sensitive way now that you’ve learned the entire Mind-Body Magic Method
  • Feel stronger in the face of challenges with this new understanding of how to create regulation in your nervous system

Beyond Your Beta Test and into List-Building and Business Growth 

  • Go beyond the beta launch and start designing your full-priced launch and/or list-building steps so you can start growing your revenue stream from your program
  • Learn how to plot out all of your content for social media and your email list now that you have all the clarity from the beta launch and your core message
  • Step into powerful manifesting with energetic marketing and an even clearer mindset to prepare you for rapid growth with the Slacker Magic System
  • Hone your skills further with the Mind-Body Magic Method so that you can get certified when you finish the program if you choose

Continuity Program: Optimizing Your Business to Scale with Magic 

  • If you want more time with Abigail and Team as you move into launching your program, list building, fully creating your opt-in and testing it out over a few iterations so you can continue to improve your manifesting skills and have all the feedback and coaching support, you can choose to move into the monthly subscription and stay in the program
  • Ongoing support and feedback will keep you moving forward and help you to reach the income goals and the client numbers you would love to have now that your business has an incredibly solid foundation and efficient way to scale up
  • Design your VIP and 1-1 packages at a higher ticket price so that you can add this stream of income to your business and build out your business ecosystem based around your core message
Join Now
Live Classes

Group Coaching Calls for Business Magic, Strategy, and Mind-Body Healing: You'll get two 60-minute group coaching sessions with Abigail (and Team) each month where we workshop and strategize your business, use Abigail’s intuitive Celtic Seer gift for seeing your core calling and message, and build out your signature program (or uplevel your current one).

We’ll strategize together based on where you are in the program and create clear, compelling messaging and content that attracts clients as if by magic. We’ll also look at any blocks or fears and make sure you’re fully implementing the Slacker Magic System to create energetic alignment and magical manifesting that will help you grow your business to new heights.

You’ll also have two 60-90 minute classes monthly with Abigail (and Team) for deepening your understanding of mind-body healing, how the Mind-Body Magic Method works, demonstrations and personal coaching for you, and energy healing work. 

Practicum Classes: You'll get Monthly Practicum Classes led by a Master Mind-Body Magic Life Coach graduate trained in the Mind-Body Magic Method. These are optional classes for anyone who wants to be able to certify in the Mind-Body Magic Method and use it with their clients.

In these classes, you'll have the opportunity to practice your coaching techniques, receive constructive, kind, and warm feedback on your approach, and tackle any questions or roadblocks you may have regarding the mind-body healing methods taught in the program.

In addition to the structured classes, you can also schedule practice sessions with classmates or volunteer clients from Abigail's curated list at your convenience to further hone your skills. Meaning you will have a safe and supportive environment to practice, refine, and understand the coaching techniques you're learning. You are also shown how to retain the volunteers as paying clients to begin building your clientele even further. 

The Mind Body & Business Magic Community

You'll get exclusive access to a private, members-only Facebook group where you can connect with other like-minded individuals who are also on a journey of mind-body healing and magical business growth.

Here, you can share your experiences, ask questions, and find support from peers and certified Mind-Body Magic coaches. Meaning you'll have a constant source of inspiration, accountability, and community support to help you master the Mind-Body Magic Method™ and Slacker Magic System and apply them to your life and business. Friendships are made here! 

The Mind Body & Business Magic Vault: This includes the 6-Phase Process (one phase per month) that takes you through three aspects of growth in each phase.

  • First, energetic alignment strategies for growing your business without hustle.
  • Second, practical strategies for each step of business growth and expansion.
  • Third, a mind-body healing process to move your well-being forward.

Each phase has a specific focus in all three areas that is proven to shift your well-being, release stress, create a manifesting vibe, and grow your business. These videos are complemented by written tool guides, checklists, and supplementary materials to reinforce your learning.

You will have an always-accessible, step-by-step guide that you can refer to at any point in your journey. You’ll submit a workbook assignment to Abigail & Team in each phase and receive coaching and feedback in class and individually through written feedback. You’ll learn the Mind-Body Magic Method and the Slacker Magic System in the vault.

1-1 Feedback

Within each Phase of the program, you’ll submit a workbook to us so that we can review your work and offer edits, suggestions, ideas, and feedback. This will give you the 1-1 feedback you need to make progress without second-guessing yourself, wondering if you’re doing it right, or worrying that you’re not articulating your message clearly. You’ll provide the initial draft every time, and then we’ll be offering the feedback and even writing your core message for you in the very first Phase. 


If you would like to be certified in the Mind-Body Magic Method so that you can use it with your clients, advertise yourself as a coach with Mind-Body Healing training for various physical and emotional struggles, and expand your coaching toolkit to include powerful mind-body attunement techniques, you can complete the separate certification process after the program ends.

There is a certification fee to cover admin expenses, a written exam, an aural coaching exam, and 50 hours of coaching required. You will need to attend as many practicum classes for feedback on your coaching as possible throughout the program. 

This program is for you if:
  • You’re a heart-centered coach, therapist, healing professional, or course creator who loves to serve others and are excited to grow your business 
  • You’d like to become a coach and build your business (and maybe you want to use mind-body healing work with your clients, or at least have them in your toolbox)
  • You tend to get stress-based illnesses and aren’t sure how to have a thriving business without running your body down
  • You don’t necessarily get illnesses, but you’re sensitive to energy and would call yourself a highly sensitive person and you really don’t want to wear yourself down with your business
  • You want to grow your business through manifesting and magic instead of hustle
  • You take action and take responsibility for yourself; your main question is how to work less and be kinder to yourself while still getting the outcomes you want
This program is not for you if:
  • You’re hoping to create results without taking any action steps 
  • You’re not ready to dig in and grow personally as you uplevel your business

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Speed up your progress and get all the 1-1 guidance
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Includes: 6 Zoom Sessions 1-1

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Frequently Asked Questions

Abigail Morgan

I started out as a mind-body coach helping women heal pelvic pain. What was the first thing I did? Worked so hard I re-created my own pelvic pain that I’d worked so hard to heal.

Since that sucked, I realized I had to create a way to run my coaching business that would allow me to be healthy, alive, and joyful instead of nearly dead. Plus, I really freaking wanted to make six figures as a coach without killing myself in the process.

I knew it had to be possible, so I started applying mind-body healing, energy healing, & alignment techniques to my actual business strategies. I named this method “Slacker Magic.”

I got my first spiritual download for my business, which turned out to be my first signature program. That program has now been running for 12 years and single-handedly brought me to six figures.

Now I make $15-50k plus months with my Slacker Magic signature program ecosystem.