The Heart Centered Coach Accelerator VIP Progam is for heart-centered coaches who have had experience with clients and feel called to be a coach, but are not yet making a living from coaching and would like more regular client sign-ups in a way that flows (aka, without hustling), so that they can fulfill their calling in this world.

We work together for two months on the following things:

  1. Ending all confusion about what your niche really is and how to talk about it in a way that makes sense. I’ll use my Celtic Seer intuitive gift to examine your past client experiences that were most exciting for you. I’ll be able to see what your niche is (including what specifically you’re solving, what your process is for solving it, what type of outcome it is, and what makes it unique) and I’ll also articulate it for you in a written niche statement. We'll identify any mindset-related roadblocks to your owning your true calling, help you discover how your Human Design connects to your niche, and prescribe a healing practice for you to use on a regular basis to help with your mindset.
  2. Designing the perfect signature program for your business (or updating a program you already have) so that the content aligns with what we identified as your unique work in this world and includes your unique process, and the delivery aligns with how (and how much) you want to work.
  3. Creating a plan for how to talk about your work and how you help people, including what kinds of content to put on social media - and how to use social media as an effective tool without it taking over your life.
  4. Supporting you as you run a test version of your program that allows you to gather testimonials, experience, client feedback, and confidence in your work and your program, while still charging money (usually discounted 50% or more from what you eventually want to charge). We teach you how to do the test, we’re there to answer questions as you do it, and we even promote your program in our free Facebook group to help you get clients for it. This testing process will keep you in integrity, because you’ll be building a program that you know works. While you’re starting to test your program, we even get started creating opt-in offers so that you can start to grow your audience with more people who would be interested in purchasing your program.
  5. We’ll show you how to work with flow and self-kindness so that you get things done, but you don’t feel overloaded or pressure yourself while doing so. (I call this my Slacker Magic system!)

In this program, you get two 30-minute 1:1 zoom calls with me and two 30-minute zoom calls with Ellie (fellow energy healing master) per month, access to videos that take you through all the steps, group calls with other participants, and Voxer support between calls that drives the whole process and keeps your momentum, assignments, and progress on track.

(If you choose, you can do a 1-month option that takes you through the niche process and program development and gets you started on the Slacker Magic System. Then you can add the second month, which is primarily the beta test of your program, if you decide you want to continue.) 

The price for this offer is normally $10K for the 2-month version and $6K for the one-month version, which is relatively small when you consider the niche clarity, messaging, and program design you receive that will set your business up for attracting high-quality leads who are actually ready to enroll.

If you’re interested in this offer, just shoot me a DM and we'll have a quick chat to see if it's a fit for you.

To make our chat more efficient, you can include the following when you message me:

  • What your current coaching focus is with your clients.
  • How long you've been in business and/or how much experience you have with clients.
  • How you believe our program will help you to reach your financial goals.

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